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The Iron Triangle – The Carlyle Group Exposed

News of Interest.TV
Published on Nov 26, 2009

The Carlyle Group is a massive “private equity firm,” which raises money from wealthy individuals and companies, and then reinvests the money into private defense companies with extremely high profit margins. It is made up of well known politicians such as George Bush, Sr. and James Baker, and it is one of the most powerful elements of the “military industrial complex,” which is a business built around the defense industry being so large and powerful that it able to influence the politics of war. This video discusses the structure of the group and explains its history of many abuses. See http://newsofinterest.tv/video_pages_…

Unauthorized Biography of D!ck Cheney

Published on Jan 22, 2011

Halliburton. Iraq. 9/11. Who benefits?

UK weather forecast: Scorching Summer – Will June be the hottest month on record?

Climate Change News
Published on Jun 6, 2018

UK weather forecast: Scorching Summer – Will June be the hottest month on record?
JUNE is odds-on to be the hottest first month of Summer on record, with temperatures soaring past 26C for most parts of the UK. Britain is preparing to be scorched by a long heatwave in what could be one of the hottest years since records began. Will June be the hottest ever month on record?
Mercury levels are predicted to sit above 26C for homeports of the UK this June as a heatwave approaches the nation.

Wet, stormy weather had rocked Britain this last week, drenching Britons looking to enjoy a BBQ on Bank Holiday Monday.

However, the Met Office forecasts warm summer weather to bake the UK, with temperatures set to break previous British records for June.

Meteorologist Luke Miall said: “It will be a fine day with plenty of sunshine.

“We could see highs of 24 to 26 degrees Celsius.”
What is the weather forecast for June?
Thunderstorms and showers will make way for clear skies an sunshine in June as Britain prepares for a heatwave, according to the Met Office.

A few isolated spells across the country may spread in the first week of June, but Mr Miall said: “We have a weather warning in place for rain, working its way through parts of central and southern Scotland.”

Rising temperatures are likely to sit around 26C according to the Met Office, with near, dry weather spreading across much of the UK for the end of next week.

WeatherAction forecaster Piers Corbyn said heatwave conditions over Europe will send temperatures soaring in parts of the UK.
He added: “It is from the second week of the month onwards when we expect to see a return to heatwave conditions, very hot weather is expected over Europe and some of that is going to influence the UK.

“Temperatures could hit 30C next weekend, so apart from a slightly cooler start and end to the month we expect a blazing June of sunshine and dry weather.”

Ladbrokes now has just 5/2 that ANY part of the UK sees temperatures of 30C or higher in the next few weeks.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “It’s been hit and miss up to this point but it looks as though summer has finally arrived in the UK.”
Ladbrokes Latest Betting one June temperatures
June 2018 to be hottest on record – 5/2

30C or higher to be recorded anywhere in the UK in June – 5/2

Last month was the warmest May since records began more than 100 years ago, the Met Office has said.

According to provisional figures, May 2018 saw an average daily maximum temperature of 17C (63F).

It would beat the previous May record of 16.9C set in 1992

Arundhati Roy: Violence in India is terrifying – BBC News

BBC News

Published on Jun 6, 2018

Arundhati Roy sits down with Evan Davis and talks about her latest book The Ministry of Utmost Happiness and why she is critical of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

International Mayor’s Climate Change Summit

Published on Jun 6, 2018

Mayor Marty Walsh is hosting two big events this week: The International Mayor’s Climate Change Summit and the U.S. Conference of Mayor in Boston. But as Walsh gears up to take the world stage on an issue he’s talked about with plenty of passion over the years — he’s also getting some criticism from advocates who say that passion hasn’t turned into much action so far. Adam Reilly has the story.

IMHO: The EPA Has A Pruitt Problem

Published on Jun 7, 2018

Jim Braude shares his thoughts on how Administrator Scott Pruitt is polluting the Environmental Protection Agency.

Time to Wake Up: Polar Distress: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (June 2018)

Understanding Climate Change
Published on Jun 8, 2018

Time to Wake Up: Polar Distress: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (June 2018)

Climate Change’s Best Hope

NOVA PBS Official
Published on Apr 4, 2018

The one thing Katherine Hayhoe wishes we did about climate change.

Trump’s unpredictability casts shadow over G7 summit

CBC News: The National
Published on Jun 8, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump’s unpredictable nature is casting a shadow over the G7 summit, making it difficult to know what to expect from the meetings. The National’s Ian Hanomansing spoke to experts and former politicians for analysis on how Trump’s latest actions have changed the dynamic at this year’s summit. »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCTheNa…

With FCC Set to End Net Neutrality, Senate Democrats Urge House Vote

Jun 08, 2018

On Capitol Hill, Senate Democrats are urging House Republican leaders to hold a vote on a bill that would reverse the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality rules. Without congressional intervention, the FCC’s new policy will go into effect on Monday. It would allow internet service providers to throttle internet traffic speeds according to how much customers pay—or based on which websites they wish to favor. Last month, the Senate voted 52 to 47 to reverse the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality rules. On Thursday, the entire Senate Democratic Caucus sent a letter to Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan demanding he bring a companion bill to the House floor.