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China launches a weather forecasting satellite into space

Christopher Columbus: What Really Happened

The Taino and Columbus

Leslie Leslie – an inspiration from the Buddha’s prayer

An Art Installation by
Leslie Leslie

I normally write and rewrite the Buddha’s prayer of loving kindness and compassion on paper or canvas. But one day last fall, I was absolutely despondent over global climate change and the fact that we have no time to lose and this administration has its head in the sand. And that is putting it mildly.

I went to my studio and started writing global warming. I ended up writing 1268 words. Upon finishing the piece, the Santa Rosa fires had begun in the night and the severe winds carried ash 45 miles south where the ash accumulated by my studio door in piles. I collected the ash and rubbed it on the paper to finish the piece. The fires are a product of global warming. God only knows what’s in the ash. But lives were lost, homes were lost and life was forever changed. We will have more severe fires across the West next fire season, caused by global warming. We must wake up and act now, for our future and the future of our children and their children.


Report: Boston Saw Record High-Tide Flooding Last Year | WBUR News

High-tide flooding is happening across the United States at twice the rate it was just 30 years ago, a new report that

tracked flooding from May 2017 to April finds. Boston, the study shows, is one of the locations that saw record instances of high-tide flooding over the time period.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration said Wednesday that high-tide flooding, sometimes called sunny-day or “nuisance flooding,” tied or set records in more than a quarter of the 98 places the agency monitors around the country.

The report found Sabine Pass in Texas had 23 days of high-tide flooding over the May-to-April time period, while Atlantic City in New Jersey and Boston had 22 each. Cities in other parts of the country experienced fewer tidal floods, but many of those cities still saw records set.

“Though year-to-year and regional variability exist, the underlying trend is quite clear: Due to sea level rise, the national average frequency of high-tide flooding is double what it was 30 years ago,” the report said.

Ben Horton, a Rutgers University researcher who was not involved in the study, called it “a warning, a shot across the

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EPA Head Scott Pruitt Faces New Ethics Scandals

Jun 06, 2018

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is again facing controversy over a slew of new political scandals. The Washington Post reports Pruitt had his former scheduler contact the chief executive of Chick-fil-A, seeking to set up a personal meeting about the possibility of Pruitt’s wife, Marlyn, opening a franchise of the fast-food chain. The revelation is based on emails obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Sierra Club. Meanwhile, The New York Times reports that Pruitt attended a University of Kentucky basketball game last December in seats belonging to Joseph W. Craft III, a billionaire coal executive who is aggressively fighting to reverse Obama-era rules limiting coal pollution. Pruitt is also facing criticism after congressional transcripts surfaced showing he had one of his aides go apartment hunting for him, in violation of federal ethics standards that prohibit personal assistance by a subordinate. The aide was also instructed to try to get Pruitt a used mattress from the Trump International Hotel. Interestingly, back in 2015, the mattress company Serta dumped Trump’s mattress line when Trump first announced his presidential race by calling Mexicans rapists.

Amy Goodman Is Turning Herself In To The Police Monday

The Big Picture RT
Published on Oct 14, 2016

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now/The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope, joins Thom. Democracy Now Host Amy Goodman will tunr herself in Monday on charges of criminal trespassing – charges she was hit with after doing her job and reporting on the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Why is the mainstream media ignoring this serious threat to free speech?