UK weather forecast: Thunderstorms and hail to RAVAGE Britain amid SWELTERING 27C HEAT

Climate Change News
Published on May 27, 2018

UK weather forecast: Thunderstorms and hail to RAVAGE Britain amid SWELTERING 27C HEAT.
THUNDERSTORMS and hail will ravage Britain as areas of humidity and “unstable air” cause horrifying outbreaks of rain, but sweltering 27C heat will cover the nation over the bank holiday weekend despite the unstable conditions.
The Met Office forecast “heavy rainfall and thunderstorms” to begin on Friday and will be a trend of the long weekend.

Meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Sunshine will develop in Scotland and Northern Ireland as we begin Friday as well as the far north of England.

“But for many parts of northern England, the Midlands and Wales that is where we have the risk of heavy rainfall and even thunderstorms during the course of Friday.
Further south cloud will break up, there will be sunshine, but as temperatures warm we could spark off a few thunderstorms for East Anglia and the south-east.
“This could be severe weather, it could be very hit or miss but where they do occur lightning and some hale could make an appearance.”

Mr McGivern was eager to emphasise the outbreaks of rain will be sporadic as he warned the precise location of thunderstorms, hail and rainfall is not known.

He went on: “Some intense rainfall about first thing as we head into the weekend but not everywhere will be affected, high pressure close to the north will of course keep things largely dry and settled across northern Britain.

“But further south we are closer to areas of humidity and unstable air around the continent and that will often throw up thunderstorms as we go through the long bank holiday weekend.
“It’s actually northern England and north Wales that will see some heavy rain and thunderstorms first thing on Saturday, but they will fade away and for much of the country as we begin the weekend there will be plenty of sunshine and very warm sunshine as well.”

But the Met Office forecaster insisted the greatest risk of thunderstorms and hail will come on Sunday.

Southern parts of Britain will see the greatest chance of horrifying conditions.
However temperatures will still soar to sizzling highs of 27C in some areas.

Mr McGivern went on: “The highest humidities in the south will bring the greatest risk of thunderstorms on Sunday. There are signs Northern Ireland, parts of wales, southern and southwestern England on Sunday could be at the risk of some intense thunderstorms.

“Elsewhere on Sunday plenty of sunshine continues and it will be cooler and often mistier near the coast.
The thunderstorm risk is most likely to affect south and southwestern parts of the country.

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