NOVA & The Struggle for the Control of Science in the Public Mind — “ Major Funding is Provided by…” who? | EV & N 277 | CCTV

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For lack of funding, laboratory equipment and textbooks, science education in high school depends on programs like the PBS program, NOVA, to effectively communicate science to teen audiences. . These programs are influenced by their funders, David H. Koch & Draper Labs.  Viewers are easily misled into thinking that there are technical and engineering solutions for complex ecological problems.  Funders are not “selling” any particular product, but rather they are underwriting an overall attitude and a predisposition that encourages viewers to think that the “problem” of global climate change can be solved through the clever planning of engineers.

When schools are underfunded and science teachers are unable to undertake serious science instruction at the high school level, the students are often left with no awareness of the limitations of science and engineering in approaching complex ecological problems.  They can easily fall victim to the corporate-sponsored story-lines of programs like those offered in the NOVA public broadcasting series.

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