Severe storms to rattle Southeast, southern mid Atlantic into Sunday night

Climate Change News
Published on Apr 15, 2018
Severe storms to rattle Southeast, southern mid-Atlantic into Sunday night.
The storm that brought destructive thunderstorms to the south-central United States on Friday and the Deep South on Saturday will take aim at the Southeast into Sunday night.

Violent thunderstorms will focus on the corridor from the Florida Peninsula northward to the Carolinas and Virginia into Sunday night.

Flooding downpours and damaging winds will once again be the greatest threats, much like on Friday and Saturday.

One thunderstorm produced a 74-mph wind gust at Columbia Metro Airport in South Carolina.

Isolated tornadoes are also a danger. While a tornado outbreak is not expected, any tornado has the power to cause widespread damage and threaten both lives and property.
The greatest chance for tornadoes will extend from south-central southward through the Carolinas.

“Gusty winds and downpours will be the main risks as the thunderstorms push through Miami on Sunday night,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said. “However, a brief tornado spinning up along the coast cannot be ruled out.”

Motorists traveling on Interstate 95 between Richmond and Miami will want to exercise caution in blinding downpours and high winds, since the risk for hydroplaning increases under these conditions.
In case of a tornado, never seek shelter under a bridge or overpass, as both debris and winds can get channeled beneath these structures.

“North of the severe weather, a band of heavy rain will push across the mid-Atlantic on Sunday night,” Pydynowski said. “Localized flooding can develop in low-lying and poor drainage areas. This may include in Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.”

Winds will also turn increasingly strong from the Chesapeake River to Philadelphia overnight.
“The windswept, heavy rain will then spread to New York City and New England on Monday, threatening to cause travel disruptions and miserable conditions at the Boston Marathon.

Across parts of New England, enough cold air will be in place for an icy mix before an eventual change to rain.

Behind the storm, yet another impressive shot of chilly air will dive into the East, with snow showers streaming as far south as the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina.


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