Farming for climate change to rise on priority list of farmers

Climate Change News
Published on Apr 15, 2018
Farming for climate change to rise on priority list of farmers .
Wairarapa farmers need to change their systems to be able to cope with climate warming, says a climate scientist.

Greater Wellington Regional Council’s Alex Pezza​ said Wairarapa farming systems had to adapt to a warmer climate. Pezza was speaking at the Farming for the Future seminar held last week in Carterton.

KPMG farm enterprise specialist Julia Jones, said climate change was not just an inconvenient disruption but also an opportunity. She challenged Wairarapa land owners to adapt to future changes in climate, consumer expectations, markets, food production and technology in a smart way that took advantage of the opportunities.

Farming for the Future leader Heather Atkinson said a lot of information on dealing with the warming climate, was shared during the seminar.
As a farmer myself, the interest by the banks in this year’s event was a real eye opener for me. Rural lenders are now recognising that if we wait to take action on climate change it will hit our pockets hard in the future. It’s pivotal we engage as a community in how we meet not just the challenges of climate change but also the opportunities it presents.”

Since 2014 the annual event has been helping farmers, businesses, and organisations improve their knowledge and understanding of the natural environment, reduce their environmental footprint, and achieve more sustainable outcomes, she said.

Atkinson said sustainable agriculture and economic gains could occur at the same time.

The Farming for the Future seminar brought farmers, farm advisors, industry specialists, students, and environmental and agribusiness consultants together to share ideas and inspiration, said conference organisers

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