Algerian capital to receive twice its normal April rainfall through Sunday

Climate Change News
Published on Apr 14, 2018
Algerian capital to receive twice its normal April rainfall through Sunday.
Residents of Algiers are bracing for flooding as more than double the rainfall the Algerian capital receives during all of April is expected to pour down this weekend.

Rainfall of 25-50 mm (1-2 inches) was reported across north-central Algeria through Saturday afternoon. The rain will persist into Sunday, pouring down heavily at times.

“The biggest threat for northern Algeria will be flash flooding,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys said.
Algiers typically records 37 mm (1.45 inches) for the entire month of April. While a surplus of rain is good for the region’s water supply as Algeria is heading into its drier summer months, that amount of rain in a short amount of time can easily trigger flash flooding.

Roys is also concerned for mudslides across the mountains of northern Algeria. The greatest danger will lie along the northern slopes, where the heaviest rain totals can be measured.

East of the heavy rain, the stage may be set for severe thunderstorms to erupt into Saturday evening.

“For northeastern Algeria and northern Tunisia, the biggest threats will be flash flooding, hail and damaging winds with a low chance for a tornado or two to occur,” Roys said.
These thunderstorms may threaten Tunis and Sfax in Tunisia with tree damage, power outages and travel disruptions.

Flooding will remain a concern across northern Tunisia on Sunday as the storm tracks eastward and delivers downpours to end the weekend.

The storm will struggle to deliver rain to southern Tunisia, central Algeria and western Libya. These areas may instead face blowing dust kicked up by strong winds.

Another storm may follow in the footsteps of this weekend’s storm during the first half of next week.

While this storm is not expected to unload the amount of rain as what can pour down this weekend, any downpours could renew flooding problems.


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