Norman B. Leventhal Award for the Environment – 2016 – Dr. Ellen Douglas & Dr. Paul Kirshen

Published on Apr 9, 2018

Dr. Ellen Douglas and Dr. Paul Kershin of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, jointly received the Norman B. Leventhal Award for their work on the implications of climate change for the city of Boston and the coastal regions of Massachusetts.


For further discussion see: Are You “Climate Ready” Boston? (& New York? Philadelphia? Baltimore? Washington?…+ London? Hong Kong? Lagos? Cairo?, …etc?) https://environmentaljusticetv.wordpr…

and “Climate Ready” & Caught By Surprise: Boston’s Urgent Struggle to Face the Challenge of a Changing Climate https://environmentaljusticetv.wordpr…

as well as the course: Beacon Hill Seminars – 2018 Program – Climate Vulnerability: Responding to the Physical, Economic & Social Challenges of Earth’s Changing Climate…


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