Session Proposal: At The Edge: Coastal Science Supporting Community Resilience (2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting)

Session Description:

Coastal [human] communities face ever-increasing challenges that impact their use of, and reliance upon, the ocean. These challenges include changing ocean conditions, such as ocean acidification and hypoxia that threaten coastal ecosystems and harvested fisheries, and physical threats such as rising sea levels, increased erosion, and catastrophic events (e.g., severe storms, tsunamis) that can directly and indirectly impact human communities and ocean resources. The current increasing rate of change of environmental (see above) and social (e.g., changing demographics, industries) conditions is undermining the resilience and adaptability of coastal communities. As such, these communities have a vested interest in identifying and informing relevant scientific questions. Applied research efforts, such as those supported by the Sea Grant program (US and international) and other entities, often benefit significantly from community input. This input allows for targeted exploration of key questions and a clearer pathway for application of research results. This session will highlight projects that examine key ocean and coastal resource questions that impact coastal communities, especially projects which have benefited from community engagement during the scientific investigation.

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