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U.N. urged to freeze climate geo-engineering projects

Chisa Fujioka

NAGOYA, Japan (Reuters) – The United Nations should impose a moratorium on “geo-engineering” projects such as artificial volcanoes and vast cloud-seeding schemes to fight climate change, green groups say, fearing they could harm nature and mankind.

An agricultural aircraft flies over Prachuab Khirikhan in a bid to seed clouds, about 300 km (186 miles) south of Bangkok, April 4, 2007. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang

The risks were too great because the impacts of manipulating nature on a vast scale were not fully known, the groups said at a major U.N. meeting in Japan aimed at combating increasing losses of plant and animal species.

Envoys from nearly 200 countries are gathered in Nagoya, Japan, to agree targets to fight the destruction of forests, rivers and coral reefs that provide resources and services central to livelihoods and economies.

A major cause for the rapid losses in nature is climate change, the United Nations says, raising the urgency for the world to do whatever it can to curb global warming and prevent extreme droughts, floods and rising sea levels.

Some countries regard geo-engineering projects costing billions of dollars as a way to control climate change by cutting the amount of sunlight hitting the earth or soaking up excess greenhouse gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide.

“It’s absolutely inappropriate for a handful of governments in industrialized countries to make a decision to try geo-engineering without the approval of all the world’s support,” Pat Mooney, from Canada-headquartered advocacy organization ETC Group, told Reuters on the sidelines of the October 18-29 meeting.

“They shouldn’t proceed with real-life, in-the-environment experimentation or the deployment of any geo-engineering until there is a consensus in the United Nations that this is okay.”

Some conservation groups say geo-engineering is a way for some governments and companies to get out of taking steps to slash planet-warming emissions.

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Climate Engineer David Keith wants you dead – Dec 2015

Published on Jan 21, 2017

The plan to “BLOCK THE SUN” in 2018

Published on Jan 9, 2018

If you don’t already know that they have been blocking the sun and screwing with the weather for decades well here they are telling you they’re going to do it. How does this make you feel considering that no sun = no life ? If you are undisturbed by this ‘plan’ your probably too far gone. If you are extremely disturbed well thank God because that’s a very normal response. Get informed today and join the global effort to expose the biggest mass murder operation in world history. http://climatechangeagenda.com/

Professor David Keith Admits Many Thousands will Die from Harvard Solar Geoengineering Program 2018

Published on Jan 27, 2018

As if it Solar Geoengineering hasn’t being going on for decades, this is why air pollution is now the biggest cause of death worldwide. http://climatechangeagenda.com/


Today’s Alternative News
Published on Apr 5, 2018

Today’s Alternative News Channel –
HARVARD JUST HOSTED A CONFERENCE ON GEO-ENGINEERING (CHEMTRAILS) – HERE’S WHAT YOU MISSED Geo-engineering is the deliberate and large-scale intervention into the Earth’s climatic system. It’s done through several different means, and one of them is spraying chemicals (which are toxic to humans and all life on the planet) into the atmosphere via balloons or aerial vehicles.

The CIA and other federal agencies control these programs, and under the guise of national security they remain classified. This means that if they are actually spraying things into the atmosphere, we would never hear about it. A 1996 report conducted by top military personnel in the U.S., titled “Weather as a Force Multiplier; Owning the Weather in 2025,” reveals the supposed urgency to implement these programs.

But, in more recent news, it wasn’t long ago when then CIA Director, John O. Brennan voiced his support for geo-engineering, you can watch that here.

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program Launches Spring 2017

Nathan James
Published on Apr 4, 2017

The Oil Crash – The End of the American Dream

Published on Jun 10, 2008

American need to change their style of life

Oil Production has peaked

Published on Jun 10, 2008

Oil demand has risen while oil production has peaked

Geologist speaks about Oil reserves and solutions

Published on Jun 12, 2008

Dr Colin Campbell – Dr of Geology and advisor to several Oil companies talks about stagnant oil exploration and the depletion of oil stocks and possible solutions

An Oil Man’s Geological Case for Climate Concern

Published on Jun 24, 2011

Bryan Lovell, a longtime oil geologist and president of the Geological Society of London, explains how analysis of rocks led to his deep concern about the buildup of carbon dioxide and its consequences for humans and their planet. More coming on Dot Earth: http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com