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Why ransomware attacks target local governments like Atlanta

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Noam Chomsky – Government in the future 1970

Published on Aug 26, 2012

For more context: http://archive.org/details/NotesOnAna…

Day at Night: Noam Chomsky, author, lecturer, philosopher, and linguist

Published on Jun 24, 2014

Views on political and social matters are offered by linguistics expert Noam Chomsky. Topics include his involvement in the antiwar movement of the ’60s. CUNY TV is proud to re-broadcast newly digitized episodes of DAY AT NIGHT, the popular public television series hosted by the late James Day. Day was a true pioneer of public television: co-founder of KQED in San Francisco, president of WNET upon the merger of National Educational Television (NET) and television station WNDT/Channel 13, and most recently, Chairman of the CUNY TV Advisory Board. The series features fascinating interviews with notable cultural and political figures conducted in the mid 1970’s.