John D Liu- Global Ecosystem Restoration, The Great Work of Our Time, with Raleigh Latham and Neal Spackman

John D Liu has made Ecosystem Restoration his life’s work. Over the past 30 years, he has documented large scale Ecosystem Restoration projects across the world, from China, to Austrialia, to Ethiopia. John D Liu’s work is so powerful because it shows a way forward for the future through Ecosystem Restoration. His message is not just about Carbon Sequestration, or Permaculture, but holistically addressing the great problems of the future together, through regenerating our Ecosystem.
In John’s documentaries, he has proven that thousands of miles desert can be changed back into productive, green ecosystems when the political will and economic incentives are behind it. In this presentation, John will reveal his vision for his newest mission: Ecosystem Restoration Cooperatives….

About John…
John D Liu is an American who has lived in China for more than 30 years.
John has concentrated on ecological film making since the mid-1990’s, and has written, produced and directed films on Grasslands, Deserts, Wetlands, Oceans, Rivers, Urban Development, Atmosphere, Forests, Endangered Animals, and Poverty Reduction. His work has taken him to over 70 countries. Many of his films have appeared on BBC World and other networks. In 2003, Mr. Liu wrote, produced and directed “Jane Goodall – China Diary” for National Geographic.
Since 1997, John has directed the EEMP, which uses television to deliver ecological, sustainable development and public health messages in China and other countries. Mr. Liu was also the driving force in the creation and development of the China Environment and Sustainable Development Reference and Research Centre (CESDRRC), the China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN), and the Environmental Education Media Project (Mongolia). For many years Mr. Liu has studied and worked to promote the potential of ecological restoration including presenting the recent films “Hope in a Changing Climate”, “Rwanda – Forests of Hope” and “Emerging in a Changing Climate”.

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