Boston could find itself underwater on flooding costs | Boston Herald


Credit: Joseph Prezioso

Cars and Plows drive through a flooded Neponset Circle during a winter Nor’easter on Thursday January 4, 2018. Heard Photo by Joseph Prezioso

The starting price tag to protect Boston from rising seas is up to $2.5 billion — even before a $20 billion seawall is calculated in, researchers told city councilors in a special hearing yesterday.

The University of Massachusetts Boston Sustainable Solutions Lab’s team insists the work has to be done to prevent more floods like those that saw debris flowing through city streets in recent storms.

“Boston is the economic engine of the state,” UMass Boston professor David Levy told the council. “You can’t get away from paying for this.”

Levy and other experts said that with $1 billion to $2.5 billion, Boston could elevate some flood-prone land and retrofit older buildings to withstand rising tides.

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