GrubStreet Muse Panel: The Black Experience in Boston

Published on May 8, 2017

GrubStreet, the Boston Literary District, and Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Equity joined forces to host “Who Are We When We’re At Home: the Black Experience in Boston” during the Muse and the Marketplace 2017 conference ( at the Park Plaza Hotel. Boston Globe Associate Editor and Op-ed columnist Renee Graham moderates a conversation about the experience of code/switching that’s common to African Americans nationally but also particularly in greater Boston, a city with its own very complicated and contradictory racial history. She’s joined at the table by the poet Charles Coe, historian Kerri Greenidge, and Boston’s Chief Resiliency Officer, Dr. Atyia Martin. WGBH Forum Network ~ Free online lectures: Explore a world of ideas Connect with us: | See our complete archive here:

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