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“Racial Disparities, Resilience, and Opportunity” – Myra Kraft Open Classr oom

School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs – Northeastern University
Published on Dec 22, 2017


-Atyia Martin, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Boston -Jennie Stephens, Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy, Northeastern University -Jack McDevitt, Associate Dean for Research, College of Social Sciences and Humanities; Director, Institute on Race and Justice, Northeastern University -Richard L. O’Bryant, Advisory Board Member, Humanities Center; Director, John D. O’Bryant African American Institute, Northeastern University

Alan Berger Resilient Districting in Boston

HUBweek: Coping with Climate Change: How Will Boston Adapt? | Harvard University Center for the Environment

October 7, 2015

Wednesday, October 7 HUBweek – Coping with Climate Change: How Will Boston Adapt?

With panelists Atyia Martin (Chief Resilience Officer, City of Boston), James McCarthy (Agassiz Professor of Biological Oceanography, Harvard University), Carl Spector (Director of Climate and Environmental Planning, City of Boston, and Robert Young (Director, Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines, Western Carolina University). Moderated by Daniel Schrag, Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment

We know climate change is rapidly altering our environment. But do we have the tools to make it better?

A panel of thought leaders from Boston and beyond examined how Boston will manage the impending impacts of climate change. They explored what we know about the science of climate risks; what the Boston community should be worried about; how Boston and surrounding communities are preparing for the coming storm; and what kinds of investments may prevent the worst types of damages. They imagined how Boston will look, as buildings and infrastructure change with sea level rise in a warmer world.

This event was hosted by the Harvard University Center for the Environment as part of Boston HUBweek

Videos — Harvard Climate Week – 2017

Resilience and Racial Equity | Boston.gov | Dr. Atyia Martin

The Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Racial Equity leads efforts to help Boston plan for and deal with catastrophes and slow-moving disasters — like persistent racial and economic inequality — that have become part of 21st century life.

Our department works to to develop and implement Boston’s Resilience Strategy. The strategy is a transformative, healing journey to ensure all of us have access and support to thrive from childhood to retirement in our daily lives and during major emergencies.

We maintain a unique focus on social and economic resilience in a City affected by historic and persistent divisions of race and class. Our department also keeps an eye toward potential shocks the City may be exposed to.

We are led by Boston’s Chief Resilience Officer, Dr. Atyia Martin.

Otis Rolley: Boston as one of Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities

Published on Dec 27, 2016

On November 19, 2016, Mayor Martin J. Walsh hosted an event at the Cutler Majestic Theater intended to set Boston on a path to become a more socially cohesive and resilient city. With the help of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program, this work will be carried out by Dr. Atyia Martin, the first Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Boston.

GrubStreet Muse Panel: The Black Experience in Boston

Published on May 8, 2017

GrubStreet, the Boston Literary District, and Mayor’s Office of Resilience and Equity joined forces to host “Who Are We When We’re At Home: the Black Experience in Boston” during the Muse and the Marketplace 2017 conference (https://grubstreet.org/muse/) at the Park Plaza Hotel. Boston Globe Associate Editor and Op-ed columnist Renee Graham moderates a conversation about the experience of code/switching that’s common to African Americans nationally but also particularly in greater Boston, a city with its own very complicated and contradictory racial history. She’s joined at the table by the poet Charles Coe, historian Kerri Greenidge, and Boston’s Chief Resiliency Officer, Dr. Atyia Martin. WGBH Forum Network ~ Free online lectures: Explore a world of ideas Connect with us: http://facebook.com/wgbhforum | http://twitter.com/ForumNetwork See our complete archive here: http://forum-network.org

Lawrence Academy Presents Dr. Atyia Martin

Lawrence Academy
Published on Jan 13, 2017

LA was pleased to present City of Boston Chief Resilience Officer and Northeastern University faculty Dr. Atyia Martin in the RMPAC; an opportunity to learn about the Black Lives Matter movement and help eliminate public misconceptions.

Now is the Time to Invest in Resilient Cities

World Bank
Published on Dec 22, 2015

In the last 30 years, floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes, and other natural disasters have killed an estimated 2.3 million people and caused 3.5 trillion dollars in economic damage, leaving affected areas devastated for years after a disaster occurs. Investing in climate and disaster resilience may seem like a high upfront expense, but the benefits clearly outweigh the costs. If we don’t invest in resilience now, vulnerable cities simply won’t survive.

What is 100 Resilient Cities?

100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation
Published on May 25, 2016

100 Resilient Cities was pioneered by The Rockefeller Foundation with an ambitious goal: to help cities across the globe build resilience to the mounting social, economic, and physical challenges of the 21st century. www.100resilientcities.org