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Massachusetts Faces Chronic Inundation




When Rising Seas Hit Home

Union of Concerned Scientists
Published on Jul 12, 2017

If saltwater regularly soaked your basement or first floor, kept you from getting to work, or damaged your car, how often would it have to happen before you began looking for a new place to call home? A new analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists identifies when US coastal communities will face a level of disruptive flooding that affects people’s homes, daily routines, and livelihoods. It identifies hundreds of communities that will face chronic inundation and possible retreat over the coming decades as sea levels rise. Find out more: http://www.ucsusa.org/RisingSeasHitHome



When Rising Seas Hit Home: Hard Choices Ahead for Hundreds of US Coastal Communities (2017) | Union of Concerned Scientists

There comes a threshold of chronic flooding that makes normal routines impossible and forces communities to make difficult, often costly choices.


 This national analysis identifies when hundreds of US coastal communities will face chronic inundation and possible retreat as sea levels rise. You can explore these communities—and discover the consequences of rising seas—by clicking through the series of maps and pages included here.

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New Orleans after Katrina: A tale of two cities

CBS Sunday Morning
Published on Aug 30, 2015

Martha Teichner looks back at the monumental 2005 hurricane — the most costly natural disaster, in lives lost and property destroyed, in U.S. history — and the struggle of New Orleans residents to rebuild ever since.

Bernie And Michael Moore Slam Corporate Media’s Failure On Poverty

The Rational National
Published on Mar 20, 2018

During the Inequality in America Town Hall, Bernie Sanders and Michael Moore slammed the corporate media.

Hyungwon Ra
Published on Mar 20, 2018

Retired four-star U.S. Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey says he’s concluded that Trump is ‘a serious threat to U.S. national security’ and ‘for some unknown reason under the sway of Mr Putin.’ Our panel reacts.

Senator Warren Speaks on the 50th Anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy’s Presidential Campaign

Senator Elizabeth Warren
Published on Mar 18, 2018

Fifty years ago, Robert F. Kennedy launched his presidential campaign. He challenged a divided nation to face up to its failings, and challenged each and every American to do better by each other. I believe we can still live up to his legacy.

Inequality in America: A National Town Hall

Senator Bernie Sanders
Streamed live on Mar 19, 2018

We live in the richest country in the history of the world, but that reality means little because much of that wealth is controlled by a tiny handful of individuals while more than 40 million Americans live in poverty. The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time. Tonight, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in partnership with The Guardian, NowThis, The Young Turks and Act.tv, will present a live town hall event on the rise of the oligarchy and the collapse of the American middle class. Sanders will speak with director Michael Moore, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, economist Darrick Hamilton and other guests about the 40-year decline of the middle class and possible solutions to the growing crisis of income and wealth inequality in America.

Climate-Smart Cities™–Boston | The Trust for Public Land

Climate change is introducing new threats to Boston and surrounding cities. As communities seek new strategies to protect residents, infrastructure, and quality of life, The Trust for Public Land is helping by bringing its nationally recognized Climate-Smart Cities program to metro Boston.

We apply our expertise in climate research, computer-assisted mapping, and urban design to help Boston-area cities “connect, cool, absorb, and protect”—the four pillars of our climate strategy.

Through partnerships with the City of Boston and the Metro Mayors Coalition, this work is improving the lives of 1.3 million people. In each community, we devise strategies to strengthen the natural environment while benefiting vulnerable populations including low-income, elderly, and immigrant residents. Applying these strategies throughout metro Boston will create a stronger, safer, and more climate-resilient Massachusetts for generations to come.

In June of 2017 Greenovate Boston and The Trust for Public Land teamed up to host a training webinar on the Climate-Smart Boston decision support tool.

Climate-Smart Cities Visulization Tool Webinar

Greenovate Boston
Streamed live on Jun 22, 2017

Greenovate Boston and The Trust for Public Land teamed up to host a training webinar on the Climate-Smart Boston decision support tool. During this video viewers will understand the process behind the creation of this tool, become familiar with how it can be used, and practice visualizing different scenarios. chris.david Greenovate Boston’s recap blog: http://greenovateboston.org/climate_s…