The Future of Fukushima: A New Generation Rises to the Challenge

EESA Berkeley Lab
Published on Nov 29, 2017

October 30 | 6-8 p.m., David Brower Center Fukushima Prefecture has achieved a remarkable recovery after the nuclear accident in 2011. Thanks to extensive clean-up of a large part of the area as large as the state of Connecticut, more than 97% of the region is at natural background levels. However, negative perception still persists across Japan and the world, causing economic and psychological damages within the region. A group of local high-school students teamed up with Professor Ryugo Hayano at the University of Tokyo in 2015 to face this challenge head-on, collecting their own radiation data using a new portable sensor, called D Shuttle. This public event featured presentations by Professor Hayano and three high-school students from Fukushima, who discussed what they learned from their experiences following the accident and from their research. It also highlighted Berkley Lab’s contributions in the research activities on radiation monitoring and mapping in the Fukushima region. The video was taken and edited by TV-U Fukushima, Inc.


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