The CLEO Institute

The CLEO Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization exclusively dedicated to climate change education, engagement, and advocacy.

Why you can’t ignore climate change…

Driven by a sense of self-preservation to protect ourselves and our families by any means necessary, the human instinct to survive is our most powerful characteristic. Climate change may sound abstract and distant, yet it is inherently connected to today’s headlines, beyond extreme weather events: Health, Economy, National Security, and Immigration. When you widen and focus the lens, the causality is difficult to ignore. Climate change is at the root of many issues that dominate our lives physically, financially, and culturally.

Climate change effects are painfully felt when intense rainstorms, severe droughts, powerful hurricanes, extreme heat waves, Arctic chills, glacial melting, increased wildfires, and sea level rise disrupt our lives. Rising sea levels are causing sunny day flooding, destroying coastal areas and precious natural spaces, and in some cases, swallowing and displacing entire islands. The most vulnerable – the elderly, women, children, minorities, and the poor – are disproportionately affected by these impacts. Wildlife populations are also declining at an alarming rate as Earth undergoes what has been called the Sixth Mass Extinction. No one is immune to climate change.

When will climate change affect you?

Climate change affects everyone.

When the intensity and frequency of a weather event such as a major hurricane wreaks havoc on an island forcing 100,000’s of people to flee to the mainland for safety, this weather headline becomes a national security, immigration, economic and humanitarian issue.

When heat waves ignite wildfires and cause droughts, our fresh water supply and crop production are jeopardized becoming a public safety, economic, and health issue.

When increased precipitation and temperatures expand the range of vector-borne diseases such as Zika, the economy and our health are impacted.

When sea level rises, the economy, immigration, homeland security, and health suffer.

We must transition to renewable energies, improve natural and urban land use, and shift our consumption habits. The generations that follow are counting on you.


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