AGU 2017 Fall Meeting: Sharing Science Upgoer5 presentations

American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Published on Mar 13, 2018

Inspired by the XKCD comic in which the author describes the Saturn V Rocket using only the thousand most common words in English (, at our annual meeting, our Sharing Science program ( asked speakers to present very short (5-minute) scientific talks using only a limited vocabulary (determined using the Up-Goer Five Text Editor:

When you cut down the number of words you use to explain what you do, you:

Find out what is at the heart of your work.
Can now tell ANYONE what you study, because you know how to make things as simple as they can be.
Show that it matters to explain what you do so others can understand, even if it’s hard. (And that’s just as important as explaining what you study.)
Have fun, and make the people you study with laugh. A lot.
(Second section written using the Up-Goer Five Text Editor.)

Alexa Jean Halford – Angry Birds in Space, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, United States

Robin Elizabeth Bell – When Big Ice Turns Into Water It Matters For Houses, Stores And Schools All Over

Catherine A McCammon – Tiny tiny things with an amazing power

Charles Linneman – Taking a lot of Pictures of Real Things and Making them into a Single Picture you can Move on a Computer

Kimberly Wood – How changes in top water bother big turning packs of up-going wet air

Benjamin Brown-Steiner – To Know, or Not to Know – Why it is Important to Understand Both What we Know, and What We Don’t Know, When Studying Our Air and Sky

Debjani Sihi – How do trees and the small life forms under the ground talk to each other and other outside things: Can they make our world hot (or cool) again?

Louise H Kellogg – Where inside the world is the stuff that makes the wood things we write with and the small pretty rocks that women wear on their fingers? And where does that stuff go over time?

Monika Pelz – The nice people who live up in the cold place above you put lots of money into sense things to look into the big deep water and see weird-ass things

Paul K Byrne – What Happens Where the Water and the Rock Touch in Small Space Bodies

Michelle Hall – Young Idea People Mix with Old Idea People to Make the World Better

Anant Hariharan – How big are different parts of pictures of the rock under us?

Elizabeth Ultee – Little ice bodies, huge ice lands, and the up-going of the big water body

Mouse Reusch- Shake Warning: Helping People Stay Safe With Lots of Small Boxes in the Ground to Warn Them About Strong Shaking

Katherine Armstrong- How did the ball of rock we live on get so nice?

Jacob Hagedorn- Food and Stuff

Baird Langenbrunner- What do computer worlds tell us about changes to rain and falling ice-water in the state where this meeting is usually held?

Denise J Hills- Is under the ground under the big blue water named for the land next to us good for putting away bad air?

Ryan J Haupt- The type of dog that came before dogs eats different types of food during different times of the year, and we can tell by looking at their teeth very very close up

Rolf Hut- The five times ten things everyone should have had in their hands before they are ten and two years old

Video Produced by AGU

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