OneNYC – The Plan for a Strong and Just City

Our visions for the future
We must act boldly to build on our strengths and confront our challenges. The goals we envision and the actions we take today will define our city’s future.

Ten years from now, New York City will enter its fifth century.

As we look ahead, we are asking critical questions about New York: what do we want our city to be in ten years, twenty years, and beyond? What kind of city do we want to pass on to our children—and to the generations to come?

This plan is our roadmap that will preserve and enhance New York City’s role as a leading global city. As with past iterations of this report, we focus on economic growth, sustainability, and resiliency. But we also seek to address issues of equity for our residents—because we must serve all New Yorkers.

The bold initiatives we launch in OneNYC will speak to these challenges and articulate the goals and long-term agenda of the de Blasio Administration. They build on previous sustainability plans, as well as on the initiatives we have announced over the past year regarding affordable housing, pre-kindergarten education, the reduction of traffic fatalities, the fight against climate change, bolstering our coastal communities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and economic development.

The plan lays down clear markers we will fight for, and sets out a comprehensive blueprint to prepare New York City for the future. We envision a dynamic, thriving economy, a city that is a responsible steward of the environment, and that is resilient against shocks both natural and man-made. We have made equity an explicit guiding principle—a lens through which we view all of our planning, policymaking, and governing. Equity means we ensure that every New Yorker has equal access to opportunities to reach his or her full potential and to succeed.

…(read Full Report – OneNYC).


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