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Book Launch: The Cocoa Coast: The board-managed cocoa sector in Ghana

Streamed live 6 hours ago

Shashidhara Kolavalli, Senior Research Fellow, IFPRI


His Excellency Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to the United States of America
Bill Guyton, Founder, Guyton Strategies International
Simran Sethi, Fellow, Institute for Food and Development Policy

Rajul Pandya-Lorch, Director of Communications and Public Affairs , and Chief of Staff in the Director General’s Office, IFPRI

After almost 20 years of declining cocoa production, Ghana has been able in the last decade to increase the share of export prices going to producers, more than doubling production. Contrary to Washington Consensus prescriptions, these accomplishments were achieved through reforms but without liberalization of domestic and export marketing.

The Cocoa Coast: The Board-Managed Cocoa Sector in Ghana seeks to understand the success of a sector that was not liberalized.

Join us at this book launch where the lead author will share three major reasons for Ghana’s success in cocoa production and commentators will reflect on development paths in the cocoa sector.

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