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Eating Animal Products Impact On Soil Erosion, Pests, Water Resources and Fossil Fuels by Tony Weis


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Easy Seed Germination Test #802


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Vandana Shiva on Seed Resilience

2017 saw epic weather events across the globe. See our blog post on this subject at vandanashivamovie.com, including a link to Vandana Shiva’s research on the climate resiliency of regenerative food systems.


The CCRA’s Climate Change Research Directory



A directory of online research materials for the study of climate change and its implications for the Boston Region, New England, the United States and the wider world

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Terrible footages of Storm Emma:Winter Storm in Europe-UK,Ireland,Scotland and other location

Sahrab Nabiyev
Published on Mar 2, 2018
Snow in Europe: Deadly winter storm brings chaos
Large parts of Europe have endured another night of freezing conditions as a Siberian weather system continues to bring chaos.

Blizzards and heavy snowfall have closed roads, rail services and schools and forced the cancellations of hundreds of flights.

The unusually cold spell is being felt as far south as the Mediterranean.

The number of weather-related deaths rose to as many as 55 with 21 victims in Poland, most of them rough sleepers.

It triggered a warning from the World Health Organization that the poor, the homeless and migrants would be hardest hit by the big freeze.

“Those most at risk of cold-related illness include elderly people, children, and people who have chronic diseases or physical or mental limitations,” it said as a statement.
The weather system has been given various nicknames – in the UK it is “the Beast from the East” while the Dutch call it the “Siberian bear” and Swedes the “snow cannon”.

Snow has even appeared on the normally balmy beaches of the French Riviera.

Floods, blizzards and black ice on the way as Storm Emma
Ireland remains braced for what is predicted to be its heaviest snowfall in decades as Storm Emma moves in from the south.

Flights in and out of Dublin airport were suspended with service disruptions expected to continue until Saturday at the earliest.
Some parts of Europe are expected to see temperatures rise over the next couple of days, although Ireland and parts of southern England are braced for the effects of Storm Emma which is moving up from Portugal and France.

On Thursday, Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar urged people to stay indoors until the storm passed later on Friday.

“The risk to life and limb presented by the severe weather conditions should not be underestimated by anyone,” he said following a meeting with emergency officials. “It is not safe to be outside in such conditions.”

Bomb Cyclone/Winter Storm Riley alerts/70 million people affected area/New York/Nor’easter 2018

Sahrab Nabiyev
Published on Mar 3, 2018
A powerful storm will pound the Northeast with drenching rain, howling winds and surging waves for a second day Saturday.

The nor’easter has already killed at least five people, prompted the cancellation of more than 3,300 flights, snarled ground traffic and knocked out power to more than 1 million customers — with more than 440,000 of them in Massachusetts. Virginia had at least 301,671 customers without power, and the Washington, D.C., area counted over 154,000 people without power.

Massachusetts is taking the brunt of the storm, which hit Friday and is not expected to ease up until midday Saturday.

High tides powered coastal flooding in Boston and other towns, leaving city streets awash for the second time since a massive nor’easter in early January. Record-setting high tides might strike Boston Harbor late Friday night and late Saturday morning.

Kayakers paddled down Boston streets and national guardsmen rescued 50 people from their homes in nearby Quincy, sometimes carrying them to safety in the scoopers of front-end loaders, CNN affiliate WBZ reported. Twenty-two million people were under a coastal flooding warning as of Friday.

“I’m fortunate to get rescued,” Christine Way-Cotter of Quincy told WBZ. “Our house is lifted so, like, nothing came into our first floor but our whole basement is probably 6 feet under water.”

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said he has called in the National Guard and urged vigilance.

“Do not ride out the storm if you are told to evacuate,” Baker said.

People who lost power won’t get it back quickly.

“People in these homes need to plan for a prolonged outage,” Kurt Schwartz, director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, said at a Friday night news conference. “This is a multi-day restoration event.”

“This is one of the more extreme storms in recent memory in terms of coastal flooding and damaging wind potential along the coast, but also includes heavy wet snow and heavy rain as important factors,” MEMA said.

At least five people have died, according to authorities: a 77-year-old woman in Kingsville, Maryland; an 11-year-old boy in Putnam County, New York; a 44-year-old man in James City County, Virginia; a juvenile in Chesterfield County, Virginia; and a Newport, Rhode Island, man who was in his 70s. All were killed by falling trees.

The storm morphed into a “bomb cyclone” late Friday morning when it underwent so-called bombogenesis, signaled by an extreme drop in atmospheric pressure.

“Since 10 a.m., Thursday until now, this storm has rapidly dropped in pressure, officially passing the definition of 24 millibars in 24 hours,” CNN meteorologist Judson Jones said Friday morning. “It continues to strengthen.”

More than 3,000 flights canceled

Coastal flooding

Strong winds

SnowStorm Riley STRIKES: Floods & 80mph winds hit East Coast as 1.7million homes without power


Storm Riley Snow New York City Boston Flooding BOMB CYCLONE-Nor’eanster 2018 WARNING

Sahrab Nabiyev
Published on Mar 3, 2018

Bomb Cyclone Bombogenesis Massive Winter Riley Snow Storm Blizzard 2018 New York City Brockton Peabody Norwood Duxbury NY Boston Carolinas North South Carolina Marshfield, Massachusetts Bomb windmageddon long island Snow is falling today in Detroit and Cleveland Washington, D.C., Dangerous nor’easter targets East Coast with snow, rain, wind new jersey Philadelphia and will hit western New York by tonight cars Trucks In The Highway Crashed Crash Crashes Massachusetts NYC New England London plymouth Portsmouth Connecticut Concord Ma Rockland Taunton Bridgewater – Airport Snow Storm Flooded Flood Flooding Bomb Cyclone New England Providence Rhode Island Waves crest over a house, driven by major winter storm, causing coastal flooding on the coast of Massachusetts Charleston NC Georgia South & North Carolina Buffalo New York Snowfall Video captures fire truck driving through deep floodwaters in Boston as a major winter storm flooded streets with icy water Maine Norfolk Delaware Virginia New Jersey shore Long Island and Boston NJ PA New Jersey Washington DC SNOWING East Coast Blizzard Snow In Tallahassee Florida Snowfall bomb Cyclone Bombing SNOWING FL #BombCyclone Blizzard Georgia South Carolina North East 1/4/2018 Entire East Coast prepares for the frigid cold of incoming ‘bomb cyclone’ Snow snowing weather Snowfall Peoples React Reactions Blizzard Snow falls snowflakes Powerful coastal storm bringing snow and ice to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina before moving north Frozen America Grayson Snow Day Winter Storm Bomb Cyclone Sumter South Carolina USA #Snowfall Frozen Freezing Storm Nieve Nevada Primera Nevada Tormenta Tormenta De Nieve Ciclon Bomba #snow #snowstorm #snowday #bombcyclone #snowmageddon #snow❄️ #snowfun #charleston #charlestonsc #lowcountry #carolina #southcarolina #crosscountryskiing #skiing #ski #southern #south #winter #winterwonderland #winter2018 #winterishere #winteriscoming 3/2/2018!!!

major winter storm battering the US east coast intensified rapidly on Friday, undergoing “bombogenesis” as it dumped heavy rain, unleashed strong winds and killed at least five people.

Winter storm Riley brought travel to a halt and flights were grounded up and down the eastern seaboard.

Millions of people lost power after winds of 50mph and more felled trees and brought down power lines.

At least five people – including a six-year-old boy in Virginia – were killed by falling trees.

It dropped more than a foot of snow in western and northrn parts of New York state, as heavy rain lashed coastal areas. The storm is expected to taper off overnight or by early Saturday.

owever, until then the National Weather Service warned of a storm “we will never forget”.

By mid-afternoon the pressure of the depression had dropped by 24 millibars in 18 hours – more rapid than the 24-millibar drop in 24 hours that meteorologists use to define the process of “bombogenesis”, and the rapid strengthening of the storm.

The result was a brutal day up and down the US.

Roads and pavements flooded in Boston under a sea surge.

More than 3,000 flights were cancelled within, into or out of the United States on Friday and more than 2,400 others delayed, according to the website FlightAware.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 3, 2018, #134 ( Dane Wigington )

Dane Wigington
Published on Mar 3, 2018

http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ge… Our hope and goal is for this video to be shared far and wide, DO NOT re-upload this copyrighted video without prior written permission and conditions from http://GeoengineeringWatch.org

The human race continues to hurtle toward total disaster on countless fronts, but, unfortunately, for many the shiny distractions of industrialized and militarized society are still too alluring to turn away from. Many claim agencies like NOAA are lying about the state of the climate, but is NOAA actually overstating the severity of climate collapse? Or is NOAA’s narrative (which completely omits the climate engineering assault) a gross underestimate of how serious the situation is? How horrific does the weather whiplash have to become before the alarm bells of the masses go off? Will there be a “blue ocean” (ice free) event in the Arctic by September, 2018? Will the recent unexplained “sudden stratospheric warming” (SSM) further fuel the likelihood of an imminent “blue ocean” scenario? What are the global ramifications? What cards will the power structure play as the public is forced to awaken due to unfolding events? The current dominant mindset and behavior of our species is rapidly pushing us all toward mathematically certain near term total extinction (which draws closer with each passing day on the current course). If we are to wake the masses up in time to alter our trajectory, the effort will take all of us. Circulating credible and compelling data is critically important toward the task of waking others, make your voice heard.

Dane Wigington