CFC Keynote – Alan Palm – Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) | @marioninstitute~

MarionInstituteTVPublished on Nov 4, 2014
ACE believes that achieving a safe and stable climate in our lifetime requires the ideas, action and influence of young people.

Our goal by 2020 is to educate, inspire and activate 12 million teens and young adults as part of a multigenerational force for carbon reduction and healthy communities.

Alan is an educator and writer from the South Coast of Massachusetts, and calls Nova Scotia, Canada a second home. Alan is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, the Institute for Shipboard Education, and the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Alan and ACE Alum, Ethan Burke, combined their love of travel with an urgent drive to communicate about environmental issues and co-founded BioTour, a sustainability education program operated from school buses converted to run on waste vegetable oil and solar energy. With BioTour, Alan presented at colleges, and K-12 schools across the country and talked with thousands of people about climate change, renewable energy, and democracy.

In 2009 Alan joined ACE, serving as the Lead Educator in the northeast and contributing to the effort to bring climate education to 1 million students. Alan left ACE in 2011 to write a non-fiction narrative book called BioTour: A Grease-Powered Odyssey about the BioTour journey, and to teach at a place-based elementary school in Maine called the Juniper Hill School.

Alan is pumped to be back home — with ACE and in Boston — delivering climate science to empower to the youth of New England.

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