Paul Revere house

Paul Revere’s house fronts on North Square which is three blocks from the waterfront at Lewis Wharf, Commercial Wharf and Long Wharf.   On January 4, 2018 Michael Dwyer/Associated Press caught this photo of the high time coming ashore at Long Wharf.


This kind of record high tide is likely to become more frequent in the future according to climate scientists, and this can threaten wharf residents.  See:

Pictures like these of Paul Revere’s house so close to Boston’s wharves should remind us  of the potentially vulnerable locations where Boston will begin to experience the impact of climate change in the coming months and years.  This is one of the topics of the Beacon Hill Seminar (BHS) Spring program, focusing on Boston’s “Climate Vulnerability.”  See:

For further background material on the problem of climate vulnerability and the BHS lecture/discussion course you can link to:

and the information that will continue to be posted on:

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