Climate Bus Tours

Start teaching yourself about Boston’s climate vulnerability.


You can begin by asking yourself: is there going to be information on the famous Boston Duck Tours about Boston’s climate vulnerability?  See for yourself.  To begin, click on the picture below and begin exploring Boston Harbor and surrounding waterways like the Charles River.

Visitors to Boston — and residents of Boston and greater Boston — can learn a great deal on their own about climate vulnerability in Boston simply by taking a ride on the widely popular “Boston Duck Tour” trips in the harbor and in the Charles River.

Teach yourself about sea-level rise and its implications for Boston– some of which the officials may not yet know about — by learning more about climate change vulnerability in Boston from the Beacon Hill Seminar on Boston’s Climate Vulnerability.

Then ask the Boston Duck Tours if they intend to schedule a “Boston climate vulnerability” component as part of the tours that will begin once again on 21 March 2018.

m  and asking the Boston Duck Tours if they intend to schedule a “Boston Climate Vulnerability” tour as part of their  for the public from time to time — perhaps once a week or so.

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