Climate Ready Boston Webinar: Key Takeaways – Greenovate Boston

Posted by Maura Welch 66gp on August 04, 2016

This week Greenovate hosted a webinar about Boston’s climate preparedness project, Climate Ready Boston. Here are the key takeaways from the webinar – and some tips for how you and your community can prepare for a changing climate.

Climate Ready Boston brings the region’s top climate scientists together in order to project what climate change will look like in Boston. It provides local residents and policymakers with the best possible information to prepare for the changes ahead – including rising seas and extreme weather events.

[Watch the Greenovate climate preparedness project webinar:]

This week, more than 80 of you tuned in to learn more about Climate Ready Boston in Greenovate’s first-ever webinar. Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space Austin Blackmon and climate Preparedness Program Manager Mia Goldwasser explained how climate change is projected to affect our city and answered many of your questions about how the city is working to prepare for them.

…(read more).

See further Greenovate  climate links, as well as information on related 8-week lecture/discussion course:

Climate Vulnerability: Responding to Earth’s Changing Climate:


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