Fracking & Fresh Water: Can the Public Survive the Myopia of Corporations in a Changing Climate? | EV & N 268 – CCTV

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Fresh water supplies are going to be scarce in many coastal cities as seas rise. On land corporations are permanently polluting and destroying fresh water aquifers surface water drainage system and in the process of fracking for profitable fossil fuels.  If planning and immediate action is not undertaken now to conserve and protect fresh water supplies, fresh water will become dangerously scarce in the years and decades ahead.

Fracking may make fossil fuel interests enormous profits, but the fracking processes that generate those profits are are devastating water supplies and subjecting affected areas with permanent contamination by known carcinogens and other chemicals whose precise identity is hidden from the public as corporate “trade secrets.”


frackingSee also:


as well as:

American Rivers  especially:

And post-Columbian cities elsewhere:


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