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Presidential Panel on Climate Change

Harvard University

Published on Apr 16, 2015
 Experts from the worlds of science, government, economics, business, and history gather in Sanders Theatre for a wide-ranging panel discussion on how society in general and universities in particular can best confront the perils posed by climate change. Monday, April 13, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. in Sanders Theatre
Moderator: Charlie Rose Host and Executive Producer, Charlie Rose, PBS Co-anchor, CBS This Morning
Joseph Aldy Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Christopher Field Lane Professor for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Stanford University
Rebecca Henderson McArthur University Professor, Harvard University
John Holdren Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, The White House
Richard Newell Gendell Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics, Duke University
Naomi Oreskes Professor of the History of Science, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Daniel Schrag Sturgis Hooper Professor of Geology, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Science

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