Living on the Water: Sea Level Change from Venice to Boston & Venetian Art & Architecture

Boston College
Published on Oct 12, 2017

Living on the Water: Coasts, Development, and Sea Level Change from Venice to Boston  EESC170201 – Gail Kineke, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Living on the Water: Venetian Art, Architecture, and the Environment, ARTH170101  Stephanie Leone, Art History

1 Natural Science + 1 Arts TTh 9–10:15 + TTh 3–4:15 Tues. 6–7:50 reserved for reflection sessions (4 times during the semester)

These paired courses pose two questions: how does the environment affect humans, and how do humans influence the environment? Venice and Boston offer exemplary case studies of the relationship of humans and the environment in the development of coastal cities. They encourage us to think critically about human and natural history from the rich perspectives of geology and art history, probing the codependence of humans and the environment. Students study the natural processes that define coastlines; their impact on Venice’s history, politics, commerce, art, and architecture; the effect of development on the coastline; and the threat of rising sea levels on the futures of Venice and Boston.

To register for these courses:

Register for both EESC170201 and ARTH170101

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