Resilient Design On View – Waterworks Museum

The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum welcomes you to the opening of Resilient Design in Boston: Solutions for Our Changing Landscape.

Produced with the generous assistance of the City of Boston Planning & Development Agency, the panels presented in the Overlook Gallery highlight the best in design and landscape planning made in response to the impact of climate change in Boston. These are the winning entries for the categories of Building, Neighborhood, and Infrastructure from the 2015 Boston Living with Water competition convened by the City. These proposals focus on three representative seaport neighborhoods whose location (the North End, the Fort Point Channel District, and the Columbia Point peninsula) would be affected by the rising Atlantic Ocean. The goal of the competition? A beautiful, sustainable waterfront.

More than 50 participating teams from Greater Boston and across the globe contributed designs for one or more of the three locations. These proposals addressed the immediate effect of climate change on thousands of buildings, residences, and infrastructure elements that circle Boston Harbor. Uniting these design studies is the central question: How can design address the effects of a rapidly changing climate in coastal communities?

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