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Fantasy Novelist Ursula Le Guin, Who Explored Resistance & Change, Dies at Age 88

First Broadcast of CBS’s World News Roundup: March 13, 1938

Published on Nov 23, 2013

Featuring Robert Trout, William L. Shirer, and Edward R. Murrow.

A Bit About Edward R. Murrow – Casey Murrow

Published on Oct 4, 2013

The Nahman-Watson Library’s annual celebration of Banned Books Week with a conversation with Casey Murrow. Casey is a Vermont educator and the son of historic broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow. He discusses freedom of information and the press, as well as his father’s legacy and important work during the McCarthy era.

Good Night and Good Luck…The Story of Edward R. Murrow (1975)

Published on Jan 1, 2018

From a PBS rebroadcast of a 1975 documentary produced by the BBC on the life and career of Murrow. Quality varies due to original tape conditions. Posted for educational and historical purposes only. All material is under the copyright of their original holders. No copyright infringement is intended.

Joseph McCarthy denounces Edward R. Murrow on “See It Now” – April 6, 1954

KD Published on Oct 26, 2015

April 6, 1954, “See It Now” on CBS. This is Senator Joseph McCarthy’s televised response to Edward R. Murrow’s famous See It Now broadcast, which aired a month earlier. Murrow offered McCarthy a chance to respond in the original broadcast. Video located by Noah C. Cline.

“Wires and Lights in a Box” – Edward R. Murrow’s full RTNDA speech – 1958

KDPublished on Aug 11, 2014

Edward R. Murrow’s famous speech to the Radio and Television News Directors Association in 1958.

How To Solve the Califfornia Water Shortage with Dr. Richard Oppenlander