Senate Democrats want to CTRL+Z FCC net neutrality repeal

By Molly Wood and Christopher Olin January 11, 2018 | 5:34 AM

The controversy over net neutrality hasn’t died down a bit. In December, the Federal Communications Commission overturned rules that prevent internet service providers from blocking, slowing down or charging more to access content online. The ruling drew the ire of internet users and small business owners arguing that net neutrality protects consumers and internet startups. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai even skipped the tech trade show CES this year over reported death threats. Lawsuits are in the works.

Since the December ruling, states are considering their own laws, and this week 44 senators, including Republican Susan Collins of Maine, said they’ll support a bill that would overturn the FCC’s ruling. Using the Congressional Review Act, Congress can overturn regulations with a simple majority within 60 days of them being issued with no possibility of a filibuster. Congressional Republicans used it a lot last spring, including overturning FCC rules that protected consumer broadband privacy.

If the resolution passes, it would essentially undo the agency’s December vote, but it would also prevent the FCC from passing the same set of rules over again.

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