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The Greatest Generation: Tom Brokaw

The instant classic and runaway bestseller that changed the way we saw World War II and an entire generation of Americans, from the beloved journalist whose own iconic career has lasted more than fifty years.

In this magnificent testament to a nation and her people, Tom Brokaw brings to life the extraordinary stories of a generation that gave new meaning to courage, sacrifice, and honor.

From military heroes to community leaders to ordinary citizens, he profiles men and women who served their country with valor, then came home and transformed it: Senator Daniel Inouye, decorated at the front, fighting prejudice at home; Martha Settle Putney, one of the first black women to serve in the newly formed WACs; Charles Van Gorder, a doctor who set up a MASH-like medical facility in the middle of battle, then opened a small clinic in his hometown; Navy pilot and future president George H. W. Bush, assigned to read the mail of the enlisted men under him, who says that in doing so he “learned about life”; and many other laudable Americans.

To this generation that gave so much and asked so little, Brokaw offers eloquent tribute in true stories of everyday heroes in extraordinary times.

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Journalist: As U.S. Retreats From World Stage, China Moves To Fill The Void : NPR


January 3, 20182:37 PM ET  Heard on

Fresh Air 

New Yorker journalist Evan Osnos says Chinese leaders think of President Trump as a “paper tiger” who makes promises he can’t deliver and who can be “managed” with flattery.


This is FRESH AIR. I’m Terry Gross. Under the banners of America First and Make America Great Again, President Trump has been reducing commitments abroad and withdrawing from treaties. Meanwhile, China is doing the opposite, trying to fill the gaps, expanding its power and playing a larger role on the global stage. How and why it’s doing that and what that means for the U.S. is the subject of an article in The New Yorker called “Making China Great Again: How Beijing Learned To Use Trump To Its Advantage.” It’s by my guest, Evan Osnos.

President Trump has been leaning on China to pressure North Korea to end its nuclear program. But the fragile relationship between China, the U.S. and North Korea became more complicated yesterday after President Trump sent out a provocative tweet that he has a bigger nuclear button on his desk than Kim Jong Un does. On New Year’s Day, North Korea reached out to South Korea, and now they’ve agreed to begin talks and open a hotline. I’ll ask Evan Osnos about that a little later. He reported from North Korea last year. Osnos lived in China from 2005 to 2013 where he first reported for The Chicago Tribune, then for The New Yorker. He went to China at the end of last year to report his new article.

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Winter Storm Could Bring Snow And Sleet To U.S. East Coast | WBUR News

If you live anywhere along the U.S. East Coast, brace yourself for what is about to come: a nor’easter that forecasters are calling a “bomb cyclone.”

How much the storm affects the coast is contingent on a number of factors, most notably how far out to sea it track.

As Jason Samenow of The Washington Post‘s Capital Weather Gang reports, “A monster storm will hammer coastal locations from Georgia to Maine with ice and snow. By Thursday, the exploding storm will, in many ways, resemble a winter hurricane, battering easternmost New England with potentially damaging winds in addition to blinding snow.”

The Weather Channel is predicting freezing rain, sleet and snow in the Southeast and snow and gusty winds for the Northeast.

“Winter storm watches and warnings have been issued as far south as parts of north Florida, coastal Georgia, and the low country of South Carolina, including the cities of Savannah, Ga., and Charleston, S.C.,” the Weather Channel reports.

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