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The Lewis Powell Memo: A Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy + Tralateral Commission – The Crisis of Democracy

Written in 1971 to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Lewis Powell Memo was a blueprint for corporate domination of American Democracy.

A typescript PDF copy of the original Powell Memo, with footnotes, can be downloaded from the Greenpeace Investigations website. For more, see Greenpeace analyses of how Lewis Powell’s suggestions have impacted the realms of politics, judicial law, communications and education.

The full text of the Powell Memo is below:


See also:

And: the Liberal equivalent:

Noam Chomsky, “The Carter Administration: Myth and Reality,” Excerpted from Radical Priorities, 1981

Listen to Q&A, elaborating these two reports: from:

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Can Depression Be Treated Without Medication? What’s the Proof?

The Real Truth About Health
Published on Dec 22, 2017

There seems to be a pill for every and any ailment. Some prescriptions work, some fall short. Which treatments can we trust? How can we know it would treat the illness? Connect with The Real Truth About Health http://www.therealtruthabouthealth.com/ https://www.facebook.com/The-Real-Tru… https://twitter.com/RTAHealth Passionate believers in whole food plant based diets, no chemicals, minimal pharmaceutical drugs, no GMO’s. Fighting to stop climate change and extinction.

End Of Net Neutrality Could Leave Some Online Learners In The Slow Lane | WPSU

Demonstrators protested the FCC’s move to end net neutrality.
Credit Associated Press

By Anne Danahy 14 hours ago

Imagine you’re a student taking a class online and you’re going to watch an educational video.

Now picture yourself inching along on the internet highway in the slow lane.

“If you’re not in the fast lane, that experience is going to be choppy video, low-quality video, and that’s going to be really distracting for you,” said Chris Millet, director of learning design at Penn State World Campus.

The Federal Communications Commission voted last week to repeal net neutrality rules. Millet is worried what the FCC’s recent decision to end net neutrality could mean.

Millet said people who can afford to pay more won’t be as affected. But those who can’t, could suffer. That’s especially important for students taking classes online that feature lots of videos and other interactive content.

“Military students or students in rural areas that already have poor internet connections, that’s going to be even harder, to the point where some of those more engaging things are probably not going to be even possible for them,” Millet said.

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Neoliberalism: An Accounting — Alternative Radio

Neoliberalism: An Accounting

Program #CHON254. Recorded in Amherst, MA on April 13, 2017.

Neoliberalism is an odd term when you think about it. It is hardly new and it is not particularly liberal. It has been a great economic success story-for the 1%. The detritus of neoliberalism litters the landscape from smashed unions to shredded safety nets, and deregulation of everything from airlines to banking to telecommunications. And how does one measure the human costs of shattered dreams and broken lives? The consequence? A backlash. Many working people are angry. Keep squeezing them and they will be prey for charlatans and demagogues who exploit their vulnerability and fear with scapegoating and false promises. As The Nation magazine observes, “Alongside growing economic inequality, we have suffered growing political inequality, with a Princeton study declaring that the influence of ordinary citizens on policy is ‘negligible.’ The United States,” The Nation says, is becoming “an oligarchy.”

These kids show a child is a child no matter what | UNICEF

How Big Oil Lost Control of Its Climate Misinformation Machine | InsideClimate News

By Neela Banerjee  Dec 22, 2017

One of the longest and most consequential campaigns against science in modern history is becoming more extreme—and turning against its originators.

The Heartland Institute, a conservative think tank, launched a billboard campaign in 2012 to compare believers in global warming to “murderers and madmen” such as the Unabomber, Charles Manson and Osama bin Laden. The backlash was so severe that Heartland pulled the plug within 24 hours, but it still lost major donors and political allies and faced criticism that its fight against climate science was beyond extreme.

Five years later, on June 1, 2017, the group’s chief executive, Joseph Bast, was a guest of Donald Trump in the White House Rose Garden as the president announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

“We are winning in the global warming war,” Bast declared later in an email to supporters.

Heartland’s rebound is striking. Its ascent into the Trump administration’s orbit, where it now advises the Environmental Protection Agency on climate change issues, marks the most dramatic success yet in a decades-long crusade, first funded by fossil fuel money, against the mainstream scientific conclusion that human activity is warming the planet and inviting disastrous consequences.

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Seed Health Is Our Business


Whats Behind The Blackout Of Progressive Voices? (w/Guest Mark Pocan)

NASA Remembers Astronaut Bruce McCandless II

Astronaut Bruce McCandless II Floats Free in Space