The Climate Deception Dossiers

The Big Picture RT
Published on Jul 14, 2015

Aaron Huertas, Union of Concerned Scientists, joins Thom. Thanks to a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists – we know that the fossil fuel industry never believed the denial science that they’ve been funding for the last 30 years. The report shows that as early as 1981 – ExxonMobil was having internal discussions about the climate impacts of one particularly large extraction project. That’s almost seven years before NASA scientist James Hansen testified about the threat of a warming world to Congress. And in 1995 – a memo circulated among companies that said that climate change is caused by burning their products – and that the relevant science is “well established and cannot be denied” So the industry knew that their actions were driving the planet to a crisis – and they did nothing to avoid it. And when scientists and the public cried out – they spread lies to cover their guilt. The simple fact is – we wouldn’t be facing such a dire crisis if we had taken action when the companies first knew that burning fossil fuels drives climate change. But what happens now that we know that the companies lied to cover up their systematic abuse of our planet?

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