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The BU Climate Action Plan adopted by the BU Board of Trustees recommends new building efficiencies, changes to renewable energy sources, and ways to make climate change a bigger part of the University’s curriculum and research.

12.08.2017 By Meg Woolhouse

  • Plan reduces direct emissions to zero on BU’s campuses by 2040
  • Makes buildings more energy-efficient, resilient to flooding
  • Shifts away from fossil fuels to wind and solar sources


“All of our undergraduate students should be touched by this effort,” Carlberg said. “It’s going to take some work. But this is a great opportunity to develop courses and use the campus as a living laboratory.”

Climate             change in Boston today

resizeclimatemap1 550x294Climate             change in Boston today

resizeclimatemap2 550x294These             illustrations show water levels during a 1-in-100-year             flooding event in Boston today and in 2070 (BU campuses in             red). The data come from the Woods Hole Group and are based             on climate projections from the <a href=

These illustrations show water levels during a one-in-100-year flooding event in Boston today (top) and in 2070 (bottom). The BU campuses are highlighted in red. The data come from the Woods Hole Group and are based on climate projections from the Boston Research Advisory Group, a team of the region’s top climate scientists. Mapping by Brett Sinica (GRS’18)

See:  Report

The Climate Action Plan Task Force is pleased to present the final plan and recommendations. This version of the plan was presented to the Board of Trustees on December 7, 2017. There were extensive opportunities for community feedback on the draft version of this plan. All comments that were received are available at the link below.

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Launch of Climate Action Plan Task Force | Office of the President

Dear Members of the Boston University Community:

I am writing to announce the launch of the Climate Action Plan Task Force. As I outlined in my message to you last month, this group is charged with developing a Climate Action Plan for Boston University, which, when approved by the Board of Trustees, will become part of the University’s Strategic Plan.

The Task Force will be chaired by Anthony Janetos, Frederick S. Pardee Professor of Earth & Environment and Director of the Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future. The 18 members of our faculty, staff, and student body are listed at the end of this letter.

I have charged the Task Force with developing a Climate Action Plan in the context of the following five guidelines:

  1. Propose ways to operationally mitigate the University’s impact on global warming by decreasing our direct emissions and lowering our energy use, as well as ways we should prepare our campuses for the impacts of climate change.
  2. Make recommendations for our role in research—both disciplinary and interdisciplinary—that are relevant to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, lowering energy demand, and developing resilient cities and campuses.
  3. Make recommendations for educational programs that prepare all our students, but especially our undergraduates, to face the challenges of climate change as educated citizens of the world.
  4. Embed these recommendations in the context of analysis of their medium- and long-term financial implications to the University.
  5. Engage the entire Boston University community of faculty, staff, and students in the preparation of the Climate Action Plan and reach out to other institutions and the City of Boston to explore shared solutions that will benefit the broader community.

I hope that the Task Force is able to complete its work within a year.

The report of the Task Force will lay the foundation for the University’s strategy for dealing with climate change in teaching and research and through the design and operation of our campuses. I hope you will participate in the public discussions of this important work.


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Robert A. Brown



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