China’s Green Roof Revolution | A China Icons Video

China Icons
Published on May 12, 2016
Published on May 12, 2016
High on the rooftops of Beijing are hundreds of thousands of plants. But these are no ordinary gardens. This vegetation is designed to lower the temperature of the city, reduce flooding and lower energy consumption. This is China’s Green Roof Revolution.

The first green roofs were created in China in the 1960s. But in recent years, the number of green roofs have…. Well….gone through the roof, thanks in part to government subsidies for green roofs on public buildings.

Green roofs have also captured the imagination of Beijing residents like Zhang Guichun, who created one above his house to get the satisfaction of growing his own veg, but has seen the temperature inside his building drop by several degrees.

His green roof is also helping to reduce the overall temperature in Beijing. City temperatures are higher than surrounding countryside – an effect which scientists call the the Urban Heat Island Effect. Using a thermal imaging camera Ma Liya from Beijing Praries Green Space demonstrates how green roofs can help reduce this effect and shares her knowledge on how to create a successful green roof.

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