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Why Giving Tax Breaks To The Rich Doesn’t Create Jobs (w/Guest Richard Wolff)

Thom Hartmann Program
Published on Nov 30, 2017

Thom is joined by Professor Richard Wolff, speaking on the Bail Ins, how banks are using your money as their own assets, and the effects of the GOP tax Bill. spoiler, no jobs ahead.

What Yacouba did next…

1080 Film & Television
Published on Jul 14, 2012

This latest short video from 1080 Films updates the story of Yacouba Sawadogo, ‘the man who stopped the desert’. The director, Mark Dodd, filmed Yacouba on his visit to South Korea in 2011 for the UN Convention to Combat Desertification conference. Then in July 2012 we revisited Yacouba on his farm . Thanks to a new farmer training initiative funded by donations, Yacouba is now able to visit many more villages in his region to spread his Zai techniques.


The Man Who Stopped the Desert

R.J. Long
Published on Dec 1, 2014

China’s Green Roof Revolution | A China Icons Video

China Icons
Published on May 12, 2016
Published on May 12, 2016
High on the rooftops of Beijing are hundreds of thousands of plants. But these are no ordinary gardens. This vegetation is designed to lower the temperature of the city, reduce flooding and lower energy consumption. This is China’s Green Roof Revolution.

The first green roofs were created in China in the 1960s. But in recent years, the number of green roofs have…. Well….gone through the roof, thanks in part to government subsidies for green roofs on public buildings.

Green roofs have also captured the imagination of Beijing residents like Zhang Guichun, who created one above his house to get the satisfaction of growing his own veg, but has seen the temperature inside his building drop by several degrees.

His green roof is also helping to reduce the overall temperature in Beijing. City temperatures are higher than surrounding countryside – an effect which scientists call the the Urban Heat Island Effect. Using a thermal imaging camera Ma Liya from Beijing Praries Green Space demonstrates how green roofs can help reduce this effect and shares her knowledge on how to create a successful green roof.

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18 Green China Rising – Executive Cut (English)


(or with introductory comments:)

Published on Aug 6, 2015

Lookout! Earth’s Water is Disappearing

The Big Picture RT
Published on Jun 22, 2015

Dr. James Famiglietti, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory-CA Institute of Technology/UC Irvine joins Thom. California’s drought may be the worst in state history but that’s not even the worst of our worldwide water woes.

The new chinese world order – (VPRO documentary – 2016)

vpro documentary
Published on Jul 23, 2017
For some time now, the establishment of the World Bank and IMF has had a Chinese counterpart: AIIB, which China intends to use to finance a huge infrastructure project to connect Asia and Europa, a New Silk Route. This new international financial institution forces Europe to take a side. The UK decided, against the urgent advice from the United States, to become a member, and also the Netherlands has joined the Chinese initiative. According to China watcher Martin Jacques, this is the beginning of a new Chinese world order.

Original Title: Chinese Wereldorde
While Europe is being tested by a tragic economic crisis, terrorist attacks and refugees at the gates, the founding meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank has been quite unnoticed. These are two new multilateral financial institutions that challenge the current order of the World Bank and the IMF. Both are led by China and are set up to bring the world-dominated World Bank and IMF to the crown.
After the British became members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, due to economic opportunities, the Netherlands, France and Germany also followed. The importance of this, initially, British shift of foreign policy is difficult to underestimate. The United States feels this is a direct threat to their sphere of influence. “The biggest diplomatic battle since the Second World War between the US and its main ally,” said journalist and China expert Martin Jacques about the surprising British step. And symptomatic of a new world order. But how does the Chinese influence differ from the American influence? Will Europe become a pawn in the battle between the two influence spheres?

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2016.
© February 2016

Is China Destroying the Earth? : Documentary on China’s Wealth, Growth, and Environmental Nightmare

Barrack Ebola
Published on Oct 20, 2014

Is China Destroying the Earth? : Documentary on China’s Wealth, Growth, and Environmental Nightmare.

China’s Water Challenge (English Full Version)

Published on Jan 18, 2012

ADB Water for All: China’s Water Challenge. China’s Water Challenge features water sector problems and developments in Shanghai, Gansu province, and the Yellow River basin. China’s Water Challenge is a documentary film that features water sector problems and developments in Shanghai, Gansu province, and the Yellow River basin.

Water in China, an environmental nightmare

The Economist

Published on Oct 11, 2013

In the past half-century, China has lost half its rivers. Today, much water is wasted or polluted, and China is turning to gargantuan engineering projects to solve its crisis. For more video content from The Economist visit our website: http://econ.st/18UZ5Fk