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euronews (in English)

Published on Nov 30, 2017
Reports in the US media say President Trump is planning to replace his Secretary of State with CIA director Pompeo …

Harvard University Center for African Studies Africa Office Press Conference

As a new regional home for the African & Africanist community, the CAS Africa Office will partner with African scholars across the Continent to facilitate research, collaborative partnerships, and foster an international exchange of ideas among scholars. Watch as Harvard Provost Alan Garber, Harvard University Center for African Studies Faculty Director Emmanuel Akyeampong and Harvard University Center for African Studies Executive Director Obenewa Amponsah inaugurate the office and take questions about Harvard’s role in Africa from the Press. #HarvardandAfrica

CCPR – Alewife Preparedness Plan + Understanding Flood Risks & Protecting Your Property – City of Cambridge, MA

Click here to see Full Report (PDF-format).

The draft Climate Change Preparedness & Resilience (CCPR) Plan for the Alewife-Fresh Pond area has been issued.  It can be found on the CCPR project webpage under the “CCPR” tab.  The plan consists of a report (available in single page and double page formats), a handbook, and three technical appendices on salt water flow with storm surge flooding, green infrastructure analysis and urban heat island modeling, and community perceptions.  The Alewife plan is the first component of the citywide CCPR Plan that will be completed by the end of 2018.  The CCPR planning process is coordinating with the Envision Cambridge planning process.

The draft CCPR Alewife plan will be presented and discussed at a public meeting on Thursday, November 30, 6:00-8:00 pm, Russell Youth Center, 680 Huron Avenue.  The meeting will involve a brief overview presentation and then attendees can move through a series of interactive stations to learn more about the plan’s strategies, discuss them with the City project team, and provide comments.  A public comment process will also ensue that will run until December 21st.

As part of the City’s climate change preparedness efforts, the Public Works Department has launched a new Flood Viewer tool as a pilot version that enables property owners and other users to look up flood elevations and surface elevations for individual parcels and see flood extent for various flood risk scenarios including the FEMA flood insurance zones and present, 2030, and 2070 flood projections based on the Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment.  DPW invites users to try the tool and provide comments.  JB


John Bolduc, Environmental Planner
Cambridge Community Development Department
344 Broadway, Cambridge, MA. 02139
M:  8:30-8:00   T-Th:  8:30-5:00  F:  8:30-Noon


617/349-4633  FAX
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Use this tool to help understand the risk of flooding to your property and how to protect against it. The Flood Viewer has been developed as an informational tool for the Cambridge community to assess climate change threats from flooding and to prepare for it by implementing specific strategies. The City is in the process of developing a practical guide for climate change preparedness and resilience. It is recognized that projected flood information presented in the Flood Viewer are based on climate change scenarios that are drawn from the best available science but involve ranges of uncertainty. The provided flood information will need to be revisited frequently to ensure that our community preparedness efforts continue to reflect updated projections specific to local climate change. Please contact FloodViewer with questions or help using the map.