DOJ Looks Into Whether Harvard Discriminates Against Asian-Americans | WBUR News

August 03, 2017 Kirk Carapezza Nov 20, 2017

The Justice Department confirms it is looking into a complaint that accuses Harvard University of discriminating against Asian-American applicants. The probe raises questions about whether college admission policies in general may come under scrutiny by the Trump Administration.

A coalition of more than 60 organizations accuses Harvard of holding Asian-American applicants to higher standards than black and Latino applicants

Swan Lee of Brookline is an organizer of the coalition.

“If one group of students are held to higher standards based on their appearance, that’s not right,” says Swan Lee, an organizer of the coalition.

The group asked the federal government to investigate two years ago, but the Obama administration dismissed the claim without evaluating its merit because a similar lawsuit had already been filed in federal district court.

That lawsuit is pending and could be the nation’s next test case on affirmative action.

But now the Trump administration says it will look into whether Harvard’s practices break the law.

The announcement comes after an internal job posting at the Justice Department appeared to signal a shift in priorities of the Civil Rights division toward complaints of reverse discrimination.

The posting was first reported in The New York Times, but the Justice Department says it’s not looking at university admissions in general.

A spokesperson says the Department is “committed to protecting all Americans from … illegal race-based discrimination.”

Civil rights groups and legal experts are skeptical.

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