BBC World Service – Newshour, What’s behind China’s vast trade project?

China calls it the “project of the century”. It’s planning to spend nearly a trillion dollars on infrastructure in more than 60 countries. As the US steps back from its role as leader of the world economy, China is stepping forward. President Xi Jinping says the new Silk Road will benefit all. But critics warn of a bid for strategic influence, which they say will indebt China’s partners for decades. In a series of reports this week, our China Editor, Carrie Gracie, follows the 12000-kilometre rail route from China to the UK to meet the people of the new Silk Road and to ask what it might deliver.

(Photo: The first freight train linking China directly to the UK arrived back in the eastern Chinese city of Yiwu from the UK on 29th April 2017 Credit: AFP)

Release date:

11 July 2017

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