EPA Workers March in Boston to Protest Trump Budget Cut | WGBH News

EPA workers and supporters march in Boston to protest budget cuts.

Credit: Tomo Singh Jr.  May 24, 2017

Craig LeMoult

Employees of the regional EPA office in Boston and environmental activists protested today against President Trump’s proposed cuts to the agency — putting aside their usual reluctance to step into politics.

More than 50 EPA workers and supporters marched from their regional headquarters in Post Office Square to voice anger about Trump’s funding cuts.

“We’re marching to the State House and around to the Common, because the current cuts that the president has in his current budget are draconian, and it will prevent EPA from doing its job,” said Anne Rodney, who administers grants to states, and has worked at the EPA for 30 years.

The White House budget would cut EPA spending by 31 percent – although Congress still has to weigh in.

EPA workers and supporters march through Downtown Crossing.

Photo Credit: Tomo Singh Jr.

“Certainly with every administration there are changes in our priorities, but nothing like this where the whole agency is under attack. I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Kymberlee Keckler, who works in the superfund program has been with the agency for over three decades.

Keckler says she thinks the public is on their side. But, “I wish there would be more public involvement and people speaking out in praise of some of the things we want to keep,” she said.


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