Reimagining 2030: James Hansen (8 of 13)

CUCSD Events
Published on Oct 11, 2016

Program: Video 1. Siamak Sam Loni, SDSN Youth Global Coordinator… Video 2. Chandrika Bahadur, President of the SDSN Association NEXT:… Video 3. Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Spain´s Former Minister of Foreign Affairs… Video 4. Isabel Pérez Dobarro, Coordinator of SDSN Youth Twenty Thirty and concert pianist & Henning Rübsam, dancer and choreographer SDSN AMAZONIA Photographies on the SDGs Music by J.S. Bach and Juan Antonio Simarro… Video 5. Johan Rockström, Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre… Video 6. Natasha Tsakos, actress, producer and video artist. Ambassador of SDSN Youth Twenty Thirty… Video 7. Tasya Kamila, founder of the Green Movement, singer and actress & Isabel Pérez Dobarro, Coordinator of SDSN Youth Twenty Thirty and concert pianist.… Video 8. James Hansen, Professor at Columbia University and climate scientist… DMG Foundation video , Juan Carlos Arévalo, director & Juan Antonio Simarro, composer. Video 9. Dawn Wells, Chair, Columbia University Coalition for Sustainable Development… Video 10. Kornelija Maceviciute, Vicepresident, the International Federation of Medical Students Association–P… Video 11. Nathaniel Likabi, International Commissioner of Les Scouts du Cameroun… 12. Reimagining 2030: Siamak Sam Loni, closing remarks… Video 13. Trevor Arnett, Singer and Communications Manager of the Office of Global Centers and Global Development at Columbia University…


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