Searching for Truth in the Internet Age Part 1 – The War on Science | EV & N – 259 – CCTV + Part 2 – The Government Attack On Climate Science | EV & N – 261

Part 1:bjcbijba

YouTube Version in Series

The current Republican administration has launched an all-out war against the findings of scientist in government, suppressing all it can.

This is the first of several programs devoted to “Searching for the Truth in the Internet Age.”  It focuses upon the Trump administrations attempt to suppress the work of government scientists within various agencies, and then looks more broadly at the attack of the business community and the corporately owned press on the work and findings of scientists.

Click here for further information on the circumstances of Joel Clement

Part 2 – The Government Attack on Climate Science


YouTube version in Series

The administration’s war on science is not limited to the Department of the Interior’s assault on the career work of Joel Clement on topics related to Alaskan populations.

In this second program we explore the direct assault on the science-based policies of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the current administration and their backers from the corporations promoting fossil fuel consumption.

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