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Searching for Truth in the Internet Age Part 1 – The War on Science | EV & N – 259 – CCTV + Part 2 – The Government Attack On Climate Science | EV & N – 261

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The current Republican administration has launched an all-out war against the findings of scientist in government, suppressing all it can.

This is the first of several programs devoted to “Searching for the Truth in the Internet Age.”  It focuses upon the Trump administrations attempt to suppress the work of government scientists within various agencies, and then looks more broadly at the attack of the business community and the corporately owned press on the work and findings of scientists.

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Part 2 – The Government Attack on Climate Science




YouTube version in Series


The administration’s war on science is not limited to the Department of the Interior’s assault on the career work of Joel Clement on topics related to Alaskan populations.

In this second program we explore the direct assault on the science-based policies of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the current administration and their backers from the corporations promoting fossil fuel consumption.

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Model Miners – GE

Hoyt Hudson
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GE’s Ecomagination advertisement for clean coal using models for miners

The Disinformation Playbook | Union of Concerned Scientists

How Business Interests Deceive, Misinform, and Buy Influence at the Expense of Public Health and Safety

Science helps keep us safe and healthy. The public safeguards that keep our drinking water clean and our children’s toys safe rely on independent science and a transparent policymaking process. And we all rely on scientific information to make informed choices about everything from what we eat to what consumer products we buy for our families.

But the results of independent science don’t always shine a favorable light on corporate products and practices. In response, some corporations manipulate science and scientists to distort the truth about the dangers of their products, using a set of tactics made famous decades ago by the tobacco industry. We call these tactics the Disinformation Playbook.

To be clear: most companies don’t engage in disinformation. The deceptive practices that make up the Playbook are used by a small minority of companies—and yet, as we show, they are found across a broad range of industries, from fossil fuels to professional sports.

Here are five of the most widely used “plays” and some of the many cases where they have been used to block regulations or minimize corporate liability, often with frightening effectiveness—and disastrous repercussions on public health and safety.

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Published on Feb 24, 2017

Some transparency advocates fear public access to data might disappear.

Can Civilization Survive the Climate Crisis? – David Ray Griffin

David Pakman Show
Published on Apr 3, 2015

–David Ray Griffin, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Religion and Theology at the Claremont School of Theology, Claremont Graduate University, and the author of Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the CO2 Crisis?, joins David to discuss the funding and false-science of the climate change denial movement Get the book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0986… –On the Bonus Show: Stolen Uber accounts, the White House takes on drug-resistant superbugs, IKEA refugee shelters, more…


Greatest Human Venture Ever

Peter Carter
Published on Jul 19, 2017

Atmospheric greenhouse gas global climate and oceans disruption is poised to collapse civilization and the human race will be over, without an immediate planet emergency massive global Manhatten Marshal mobilization project, to rescue the future.

Peter Carter EGU 2017 Climate Emergency

Peter Carter
Published on Jul 16, 2017

Peter Carter of the Climate Emergency Institute at the European Geoscience General Assembly April 2017