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The Coming Disruption of the Fossil Fuel Industry

Climate One
Published on Oct 24, 2017

President of the Union of Concerned Scientists Kenneth Kimmell predicts a “massive disruption of the fossil fuel industry” is imminent.

Climate Change | The Forum at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health

CLIMATE CHANGE: Responses from the Public and Private Sectors
Presented jointly with Reuters

Friday, October 13, 2017

Climate-related programs face challenges from federal regulation rollbacks and proposed spending cuts. In response, some members of the public and private sectors have stepped in, announcing various commitments to take action to curb climate change. What can cities, states, research institutions and businesses do to lead the way on climate change and to make the greatest impact on the environment and public health? A stellar panel of national, state, corporate and science leaders addressed the question in this Forum.

Part of: Policy Controversies.

Presented jointly with Reuters

Trump’s Proposed Tax Overhaul Would Give Billions to Trump & Cabinet While Sparking Global “Tax War”

Democracy Now!

Published on Oct 23, 2017

https://democracynow.org – As the Senate narrowly passes a budget bill that clears the path for a historic tax reform, we’ll look at how President Trump’s proposed tax overhaul would shower billions of dollars in tax cuts upon the wealthiest Americans—including President Trump’s family and members of his administration. An analysis by the Center for American Progress Action Fund shows President Trump’s family and Trump’s Cabinet members would, combined, reap a $3.5 billion windfall from the proposed repeal of the estate tax alone. Trump’s plan would cap the tax rate on “pass-through income” at 25 percent—a move that would also shower millions in savings upon millionaires and billionaires. We speak with economist James Henry of the Tax Justice Network and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston, whose latest piece is titled “Nine Reasons Trump’s Tax Plan Will Hurt You.”

Puerto Rican Climate Activist: Aid Being Unfairly Distributed & Superfund Sites Continue to Overflow

Democracy Now!

Published on Oct 24, 2017

https://democracynow.org – President Donald Trump said his administration deserves a “10 out of 10” for its response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. But over 1 million people on the island still lack clean drinking water, and residents say they are suffering from eye infections and gastrointestinal diseases as a result of exposure to contaminated water. We speak with Puerto Rican environmental activist Elizabeth Yeampierre, who co-wrote a piece with Naomi Klein headlined “Imagine a Puerto Rico Recovery Designed by Puerto Ricans.”

China: Time of Xi (Episode 1) – People’s Republi

Published on Oct 22, 2017

This episode shows what it really means to be the “people’s” republic in the 21st century through the lens of everyday Chinese. From ambitious kiwi-growing farmers to a taxi driver in bustling Beijing, as well as young girls with big dreams and a passion for football, and a small-town shopkeeper whose life has been transformed by technology, we see the profound changes in people’s daily lives. It also investigates how Xi Jinping’s early experiences may have shaped his vision for the “Chinese Dream” and driven him to very publicly commit to ending poverty for the 50 million Chinese still living below the United Nations poverty line.

Xi Jinping ‘most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong’ – BBC News

BBC News

Published on Oct 24, 2017

China’s ruling Communist Party has voted to enshrine Xi Jinping’s name and ideology in its constitution, elevating him to the level of founder Mao Zedong. The unanimous vote to incorporate “Xi Jinping Thought” happened at the end of the Communist Party congress, China’s most important political meeting. Mr Xi has steadily increased his grip on power since becoming leader in 2012. This move means that any challenge to Mr Xi will now be seen as a threat to Communist Party rule. More than 2,000 delegates gathered in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People for the final approval process to enshrine “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era” into the Communist Party constitution of China. At the end of the process, delegates were asked if they had any objections, to which they responded with loud cries of “none”, reported journalists at the scene.

Banks and Investors Have Driven Global Inequality

Published on Oct 23, 2017

Global inequality, household indebtedness, insufficient investment and stagnant economic recovery are the consequences of the dominance of large financial and corporate bodies in shaping globalization, explains Richard Kozul-Wright, UNCTAD’s chief economist