Climate Reckoning: Paths to an Earth Restored



This conference addresses the Earth System
and the universe of solutions
that systems thinking makes possible.

November 17-19, 2017, Harvard University*
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Register here

This is an important conference you will not want to miss!

Extreme heat, droughts, hurricanes, fires, floods – we can end these disasters! A panel of multi-disciplinary experts will share what can be done to restore the Earth’s natural systems and reverse global warming.

The scientific community now recognizes that even if we go to zero emissions tomorrow the tragedies will continue to mount. If we think that our only option is emissions reductions, as essential as they are, we hit a wall with nowhere to go but resignation and despair. But when we add eco-restoration into the equation a remarkable story emerges, one of renewal and hope.

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate is telling that story. Our tenth conference in three years takes a systems approach to climate. It’s not just about carbon, or renewable energy, or economics, or regenerative agriculture, or psychology, or water, or politics – it’s about all of these and more, the entire Earth system working as a complex whole

Tim , you can help solve our daunting problems by sharing our growing knowledge of living systems and how to bring them back to life. The good news: we already know how to do it – what are we waiting for!

We hope to see you on November 17-19 when we’ll look at the most hopeful picture yet as we work to put these dark and disturbing days behind us.

Links to Past Conferences of Biodiversity for a Livable Planet

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Compendium of Scientific and Practical Findings Supporting Eco-Restoration to Address Global Warming

DOWNLOAD:  Compendium Volume 1 Number 1 July 2017 

This Compendium of Scientific and Practical Findings Supporting Eco-Restoration to Address Global Warming (the “Compendium”) is a fully referenced compilation of the evidence outlining the power, benefits and necessity of eco-restoration to address global warming.  Bringing together findings from the scientific literature, government and industry reports, and journalistic investigations, it is a public, open-access document that is housed here on the website of Biodiversity for a Livable Climate.

This is the first full release of the Compendium.  We anticipate a new release every six months, and invite others who wish to contribute to its development to send suggestions and article reviews to The next release is scheduled for January 2018.


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