April Fool’s Day: The Tragic Myopia of the ‘Best and Brightest:’ Growthism –> Overshoot & Collapse


This program, “April Fool’s Day: The Tragic Myopia of the ‘Best and Brightest’ – Growthism  Overshoot and Collapse,’” was recorded on 1 April 2012. It is is episode #89 of an ongoing series of educational videos from the Citizen-Science Online Learning Initiative (CSOLI). These educational videos focus on global climate change and its implications for the transitions we must make in our institutions and behavior in order to survive the coming decades. See: http://wp.me/P2iDSG-2

For further details:

To view on Google see:

See also:
and critique of Yergin’s perspective at:

As well as:

For a short sequence of videos on the topic see: “Why Transition Studies?”

For a chronological list of other videos for discussion in the series see:

Click to access Some%20Recent%20Videoblog%20Posts.pdf

For other programs in the “Conversations…” series see

Copyright, © , 2012, 2017, Timothy C. Weiskel

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