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Global warming to claim half a billion people soon

The Big Picture RT
Published on Sep 26, 2013

Horse on a hot tin roof? There are a lot of things you might expect to see on your roof – from leaves and branches – to squirrels and maybe even a raccoon. But surely no one expects to find a horse on their roof…

Global warming…Do The Math w/Bill McKibben

The Big Picture RT
Published on Sep 20, 2013

Bill McKibben, 350.org/Oil and Honey, joins Thom Hartmann. The fight to save our civilization from global warming and climate change is in high gear – even as 2.4 million pounds of toxic C02 continues to be pumped into our atmosphere every second. Where does the movement to fight back against climate change stand today – and what can be done to increase its influence?

E.P.A. Scrubs a Climate Website of ‘Climate Change’ – NYTimes.com


October 20, 2017

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency has removed dozens of online resources dedicated to helping local governments address climate change, part of an apparent effort by the agency to play down the threat of global warming.

A new analysis made public on Friday found that an E.P.A. website has been scrubbed of scores of links to materials to help local officials prepare for a world of rising temperatures and more severe storms.

The site, previously the E.P.A.’s “Climate and Energy Resources for State, Local and Tribal Governments” has been renamed “Energy Resources for State, Local and Tribal Governments.” About 15 mentions of the words “climate change” have been removed from the main page alone, the study found.

Among the now-missing pages are those detailing the risks of climate change and the different approaches states are taking to curb emissions. Also edited out were examples of statewide plans to adapt to weather extremes.

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David Korten: Capitalism’s Threat to Democracy

Cooking Up a Story
Published on Oct 4, 2011

Subscribe to our new Food Farmer Earth channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/foodfarme… What if we had to make a choice between two quintessential American beliefs: Capitalism and Democracy? In this frank interview with noted author, and visionary David Korten, he minces no words about the dangers our current capitalist system poses to democracy, and how Wall Street undermines the well-being of society, and threatens civilization itself. The creation of real wealth, Korten argues, by satisfying true human needs, strengthens individuals, promotes the well-being of local communities, and protects the environment, the foundation of all living things.

Published on Oct 24, 2011



Published on Jan 20, 2008

GREAT TURNING author David Korten ( www.thegreatturning.net ) explains how – if we can awaken from our collective entrancement with a false story of our past – a country successfully designed to be ruled by the wealthy few can be transformed into one really governed by We the People.