3 October 2017 – The Warden of Rhodes House, Charles Conn, has announced he will step down

The Warden of Rhodes House, Charles Conn, has announced he will step down from his role when his five-year term expires at the end of the academic year in June 2018. He will remain closely involved with the Rhodes Trust as he has agreed with the Chair and Trustees to become an active Senior Adviser to support the Trust’s strategic partnerships and continued global expansion, including with The Atlantic Philanthropies and other future partnerships. During his time as Warden, the Trust has crafted a sound and exciting strategic direction, successfully funded core Scholarships and strengthened its Senior Scholar relationships.

“The Rhodes Trust owes Charles a great debt for the exceptional leadership he has given as Warden and CEO. He has successfully overseen the Campaign for the 21st Century so that our Scholarships are both now fully funded and provided to more countries than ever, sixty-four in total. Charles has also extended the reach of the Trust by developing important international partnerships and encouraging Rhodes House to be a place in which expert collaboration, dialogue and debate is convened. We look forward to having his continued support as a Senior Adviser following demitting his current office next summer.” – Sir John Hood KNZM, Chair of the Rhodes Trust

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